Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Peter Rosenzweig

Born in Berlin in 1957, I spent four years studying philosophy, religion and psychology at the Free University Berlin beginning in 1977.

After two years of internships in various studios in Pietrasanta from 1981 to 1983, I studied Sculpture at the State Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara, Italy.


Influenced by the traditional Italian statuary, most of my works are made of classical materials such as plaster, bronze or marble.

My themes are inspired by the method of “direct carving”, where the final form evolves through the process of carving with respect to the nature of the material.

In the majority of cases I do not start my sculptures with a model but take the inspiration from the form of the stone. My themes do not follow a given canon. They vary and are an expression of my attitude to life

Campo dell'Altissimo

In 1981, I started Campo dell’Altissimo, the Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting in Azzano. Today, Campo dell’ Altissimo is the largest and oldest private sculpting school in Italy. Every year several hundred people come to this place close to the famous quarries of Carrara to find their artistic expression in sculpting.


My work as a performer started during my studies in Carrara in 1984. First, I collected traces in various cities of Tuscany and in West Berlin. From these I created hundreds of clay imprints, which were later converted into lasting plaster reliefs. In the beginning, the search for traces itself was a performance. Since then, I have been using sculptured details and fragments of architectural decorations for my multimedia-based performances.

Solo exhibitions

1985  Wassermühle Steinfurth Kiel (D)
1986  "Viniculture" Berlin (D)
1987  Club Voltaire Florence (I)
1987  "Kosmos" Amsterdam (NL)
1993  "Voglio Vedere" Piano di Mommio (I)
1994  Garden Sculptures Galerie Gudrun Seisser, Kronberg (D)
1994  Wiesweg Galerie Eltville (D)

Group exhibitions

2012 "TransForm" Courbièrestraße Berlin (D)
2010 "Zeitsprung" Courbierestraße Berlin (D)
2009 Werkstattgalerie Lehderstrasse Berlin (D)
2008 "Welcome on the floor" Courbierestraße Berlin (D)
2007 5. International Hüseyin Gezer Stone Symposion   Merzin (T)
2007 "Skulpturen" Orangerie im Marmorpalais Potsdam (D)
2006 "Aus Freude am Leben" Courbierestraße Berlin (D)
2004 "In der Welt sein" Courbierestraße und Galerie "Double You" Berlin, Tübingen (D)
2003 Werkstattgalerie Luchmann & Schulz   Berlin (D)
2002 - 2009 Skulpturenpark Hotel Residenz   Motzen (D)
2001 Galerie "Kunst in de Kerk" Ellis Schonhoven Nijmegen, (NL)
1998 - 2001 Garden sculptures Galerie Gudrun Seisser Kronberg (D)
1995 Contemporary bronze and stone sculpture Sant' Agostino Pietrasanta, (I)
1995 "Prendi Tre" Galerie Herold Bremen (D)
1993 - 1998 6 sculptors - Symposia   Piano di Mommio (I)
1993 SAP   Florence (I)
1990 - 2001 Voglio Vedere   Piano di Mommio (I)
1988 Omaggio all`Italia Marignana   Camaiore (I)
1987 Opere Prime   Comune di Prato (I)
1986 Opere Prime   St. Agostino (I)
1985 Cappella San Zeno   Pisa (I)
1984 Galerie Danielsen   Flensburg (D)
1983 - 1995 Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung   Berlin (D)