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Holidays and Recreation

In addition to our courses, our region offers excellent opportunities for holiday recreation of all kinds. You and your partner, friends and family can have many adventures here in the Versilia.

Our region is special because of its diversity. If you want to hike or walk you may start directly from Azzano. The marble river Serra with its crystal clear water can be reached by foot. It is only 20 minutes by car to the ocean with its vast sandy beaches. And Tuscany, with its world famous art and cultural heritage, is close at hand and can be explored by car or train in a day trip.

Apart from your course time, you have plenty of great possibilities for leisure and recreational activities. For example, you can go swimming during the siesta (a traditionally long lunch break) or in the late afternoon, and enjoy Italian Flair and Tuscan cuisine on the Piazza of the artisan city of Pietrasanta in the evening.

On the weekends you are invited to take long walking-tours or head for further distant destinations like Florence, Lucca or Cinque Terre.

Of course, you have the possibility to prolong your vacation and stay with us in Azzano beyond course time. You are also invited to bring friends and family, even if they don’t want to book a course but just want to spend their vacation with you.