Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Intensive Courses

Weeklong Courses for Beginners and Advanced Students


In a weeklong course you can take a closer look at sculpting in order to see whether it suits you. If you simply don't have time for a two-week course, this is the right course for you, too.

Our intensive course offers an introduction into the world of marble sculpting and you can create your own marble sculpture within only 5 days.

The courses cover the same contents and approaches as the two-week basic courses. Only the works are smaller in size, at the outset the marble stone weighs up to about 15 kg.  

It is possible to complete a marble sculpture in one week, but one needs to make full use of the working day. Intensive courses run for 5 days with 6 - 8 hours work each day. An excursion is also part of the programme and is incorporated into the weekly work schedule.

Friday afternoon, the weeklong course is concluded with a detailed discussion and a presentation of the works at the Campo.

A nice additional day

After your course has finished you can add a day to your stay to venture more into the nice surrounding. For this, you should book an extra night in Azzano until Sunday. You can also treat yourself to a trip to the beach or to a sightseeing tour of the beautiful Tuscan cities nearby like Pietrasanta, Lucca or Pisa. Or you take a tour to the fascinating marble mountains of the Apuan Alps. Check out our Holidays & Recreation tips.