Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

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Marble Sculpting with Pneumatic and Electrical Tools for advanced students


For the advanced students this course offers an introduction to indispensable working methods with pneumatic and electric tools for cutting and smoothing the marble.

At the beginning of the course we will discuss the sculpture ideas put forward by the participants or develop new ones.

You can choose your perfect stone from our well-stocked store on the spot. We can also procure special block dimensions or certain stones if you wish. Just let us know in advance and you’ll find them in Azzano once you get there. If you would like special stones cut in certain block dimensions, please give us this information ahead of time so we can prepare the material accordingly.

After choosing the material, we will help you cutting the stone with a 230 mm diamond encrusted disc, set up your work space at the Campo, get your stone there and place it on your sculpting stand.

This is followed by the calibration of your model, sketch, or idea for your sculpture on the stone you have selected. Now the practical work on the coarse form can start. You learn how to use a light angle grinder (1200 – 1400 watt, speed controlled) with a diamond-studded saw blade (Ø 115 or 125 mm). Under expert instruction you practice controlled and systematic cutting of the stone to quickly approach the rough form.

You continue working the surface with a Cuturi pneumatic hammer and Widia chisels. The surface will be smoothed with an angle grinder with special attachments, pneumatic turbines, and manual sanding.

You are welcome to take part in our excursions to quarries and artist studios. At the weekend you either can do your own sculpting-work, make trips on your own or relax. On Sundays there is no machine-work possible at the Campo.
For every participant in the machine course is provided a complete tool case with all equipment for machine work. It contains an angle grinder with various attachments, Cuturi pneumatic hammer with various attachments and the basic equipment for manual work as hammer, various chisels, glasses, pencil and ruler. Value: approx. € 800.-
We also provide additional, special tools if required.

Please bring work gloves, headgear and suitable footwear.
The maximum number of our machine-compatible workplaces is limited to 8.