Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Painting and drawing classes in Italy at a glance!

All courses are for beginners and advanced students. All two-week courses can also be booked only in the first or second week.

The first day indicates the day of arrival, the last one is the day of departure.

Marianne Ernsting will be happy to answer you any questions you might have. Just contact her under: phone: +49 (0)172 396 15 09, email: marianne(at)

# Seminar Date Tutor Status
Z 01 Journey into the Poetry of colours III 07/07 - 07/20/2024 Inge H. Schmidt Only few places available!
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Z 02 The Nude Form 07/21 - 08/03/2024 Ulf Meyer Only few places available!
information & booking