Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Our Sculpting Courses in Tuscany


In our courses you will create your own sculpture from the world-famous white Carrara marble for which our region is famous. The crystalline structure of this noble stone has always fascinated artists and sculptures. And we will show you how to work with this stone step by step.

We will guide beginners from the selection of the appropriate stone to the finished sculpture. You will learn how to use the different tools and various ways to work the surface from rough chiselling to fine polishing. Our professional and experienced tutors see you through this process with insight and competence so that all participants can develop their own means of expression through form.

Advanced students and experienced sculptors will be supported in realizing larger and more ambitious projects. In our special courses you will learn how to use an angle grinder and air hammer. And if you wish to work with something other than marble, our well sorted stone stock offers good alternatives like Persian travertine, coloured marbles or granite.

Our work stations are professionally equipped with everything necessary for stone carving. You will work in small groups (max. 10 people) at the foot of the marble mountain Monte Altissimo. Working together with like-minded people under the artistic supervision of our tutors is sure to be an inspiring experience.

And because making art works up an appetite, our Italian cook offers a delicious Tuscan three-course menu with fresh ingredients daily. With these meals you will be able to experience an important part of Italian life, the cuisine, in addition to pursuing your artistic work.