Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

The Study of the Nude Form - Figure and Space

 with Ulf Meyer | Overview/Booking

Drawing and painting in front of the model

Since time immemorial, the nude form has fascinated painters and artists. The representation of the naked, unveiled body is as old as the history of art itself. And how diverse is the view on the human body, how diverse its design! Nothing is as versatile and complex as the human figure.

In this course, we will first learn the basics of figurative representation. Proportion, statics and function of the human body. We will not only approach the human figure in the academic sense but will also follow our spontaneous perception and sensation.

The special feature of this course: The models are not only sitting in a static pose but they move. This way we experience the figure in space, capture temperaments, dynamics and atmosphere.

From studying and sketching to the picture, the painting: We will deal extensively with the three basic graphic elements – line, surface, body. The methodical development of these three elements provides the impetus to appropriate a mode of expression. Every uncomplicated technical medium can be used which enables the spontaneous jotting down of visual experiences: charcoal, chalks, pastels, acrylic, tempera, etc.

You will work under professional supervision and receive feedback on your work. Your personal work process will be accompanied by sharing daily reflections with your cohort, and painting studies and analyses in group and individual discussions.

The course is explicitly open for beginners who have little or no prior knowledge in working with models. Advanced students are invited to broaden their expressiveness. As always, all returning students will of course also have their proper place.


Two nude models - either simultaneously or alternating – will be present for 6 hours daily (3 hours in the morning (two models at the same time) / 3 hours in the afternoon (one model). The tutor will be present all the time.


Ten mornings (2-weeks booking) under the Tuscan sky with intensive exercises, strategies and assignments on the subject figure: The Roman chapel La Cappella offers sheltered, shady work places in the foundation walls of the old nave in inspiring atmosphere.

Nine afternoons (2-weeks booking) in the studio for „free work“: Small and large scale painting and drawing with varied stimuli for individual objectives. A spacious studio is 'open all hours' for all participants. Every day ends with feedback and reflection in group meetings. 

Working materials:

All materials like papers of different quality, paint bases (paper board, textiles etc.) and primer, crayons, paints, brushes, easels and paint boards are included in the course fee.