Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Sculpting Course

Basic Courses

Two-week Basic Courses for Beginners & Advanced Students


An exciting encounter with precious marble! Dare to make that first blow and open up the fascinating world of sculpting, one of mankind‘s most ancient activities!

Allow yourself 2 weeks for this work with a material which is completely new to you. After a short while you get used to the stone and the Italian conditions. But acquiring the skill of marble sculpting with hammer and chisel and the acquisition of a sculptor‘s approach take time.

Don‘t be afraid of the stone!

Our well-tried methods offer a gentle introduction - in particular to the beginner. Under the competent guidance of our tutors you choose and recover the required marble of the highest quality from natural resources. The weight you can carry and move yourself will determine the dimension of your project: formats vary from 15 to 30 kg.

You will learn how to work with marble in a correct manner and will practice all steps necessary to complete your own sculpture – from finding the rough form to accomplishing a smooth or even polished surface.All your technical and artistic queries will be answered by an experienced sculptor.

Instructions and advice are given several times a day in personal dialogues and occasional group meetings. At the end of the course we will view the finished works in private. Subject to your agreement we will also discuss the results and everybody can present his sculpture in a small exhibition at the Campo.

If desired we can also arrange transport of the finished sculpture, packed in a sturdy wooden box and dispatched by a transport company.

A two-week basic course encompasses 10 working days with approx. 70 hours.

Courses for the Advanced Learner

Many of our guests who have already participated in one or more marble courses either with us or elsewhere want to expand or refresh their skills. Or, quite simply, they want to work again at the Campo.

As advanced students you can attend one of our many basic courses and, choose either an instructor you already know or a new one.
The tutors will skilfully help you with personal tuition and active support to realise challenging and difficult projects and to consolidate and expand your knowledge and craftsmanship. You can create one or more sculptures, ask advice and learn new tricks of the trade far over and above the normal course programme.

For your choice of material and colour we have a well-assorted store at hand. Whether you are looking for the finest statuario, red or yellow Iranian travertine, green Aosta or black Portoro marble, we have many interesting and rare varieties and colours in all sizes. A List of costs and specifications is available at the Campo or on request.


Integral to the course is an excursion within the working week. We will either visit to the traditional sculpting studios in Pietrasanta or, to the famous marble quarry nearby, opened by the old master Michelangelo Buonarroti.

During the weekend you can choose to spend the free days on your own or with others partake on an extended marble tour, an extensive drive or hike into the fascinating mountains of Carrara or Monte Altissimo.

On foot or with our minibus we will take you on an unforgettable guided tour to marble quarries above and below ground. Included are visits to the processing marble industry (sawmill), an exhibition or a museum. Partaking in the week-end marble tour is optional and can only be booked on the spot.