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City breaks

Azzano is the perfect starting point for many trips to interesting and famous Tuscan cities. Here is what we recommend:

The nearest city is Pietrasanta, just 10 km away. Many artists have settled here in the last few decades and work in countless studios, workshops and brass foundries. You can admire their artwork all over the city. The beautiful piazza with its dome and many bars are also worth a visit. And it is the perfect place to have an aperitif in the late afternoon after work or to wine and dine in the evening.

Lucca, 45 km away, is another beautiful city. The historical importance of the city is still visible in its large squares, Roman cathedrals and churches, and the massive city wall with its medieval towers. And the old Pallazzi with their beautiful gardens are superb.

Only 20 km further away is Pisa with its main attractions, the Leaning Tower and the Cathedral.

Florence, about 100 km away, is so abundant with attractions that it is impossible to mention them all. It’s definitely worthwhile to visit this wonderful city on a daytrip from Azzano. We can only recommend the Accademia with Michelangelo´s David and the four famous unfinished statues of slaves to all our sculpting participants. And if you want to avoid the tiresome task of searching for parking space in Florence, just take a train from Pietrasanta. It will bring you right into the heart of Florence.