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Hiking in the Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps are a hiking paradise with trails for all levels of difficulty. Old paths used by quarry workers open up the fascinating world of the marble quarries. For experienced hikers there are ambitious trails leading to the peak of the mountaintop. The view from here is overwhelming! Or you can hike through the side valleys of the Apuan Alps to discover romantic villages, rivers for bathing, and spectacular mountain views which invite you to stop and have a picnic.

Or you discover the Apuan Alps with us. For the first time we offer two weeklong hiking courses: Hiking in the world of marble

Hiking along the seaside

If you feel like taking extended walks on the beach, the long beaches between Viareggio and Carrara (35 km) are perfect for this. Or you can take climbing tours on the wild rocks and chalk cliffs of the Punta Bianca at the Gulf of Lerici and take the opportunity to bathe in the sea. Another possibility is taking a romantic stroll along the "via dell' amore" between Marola and Monterosso at Cinque Terre (1 hour by car from Azzano).

Cave Explorations

You can even venture underground: the stalactite caves in and around nearby Monte Corchia offers one of the largest areas of grottos accessible to tourists in the world. The grotto "Antro del Corchia" has only recently been developed and opened up for tourism. The distance from the Campo is about 10 km. At the "Grotta del Vento" near Fornovolasco you can choose between guided tours of 1, 2 or 3 hours, available in many languages.

And more...

On our excursions - which are also open to friends and partners - we will introduce you to the world of marble, from excavation sites to the studios of the local artists and craftspeople. Marble is sometimes also mined underground. Join us on a visit of the quarries and the imposing marble caves in Carrara.