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What our guests say...

Eva from the Palatinate writes

This time I tried to combine my yoga passion with my passion for stone sculpture. Grace, flexibility, strength and dynamics should somehow be found in the pose "in marble". The result is my "look upwards", in which, thankfully, the grain of the stone running from the head to the legs emphasises the upward direction. It was super fun again at the Campo with everyone who was there, with Katrin and Peter as wonderful hosts and Tobia Silvotti, who manages to support everyone with their ideas, no matter how crazy, with a lot of patience and competence. Many, many thanks for that!

Gabriele from Bavaria writes

I simply enjoyed everything, the intensive advice from Tobia and Peter, the beautiful place, the breaks together, the happy evenings in the circle of inspiring people. I have missed all this for far too long! And my marble stone has turned out so beautiful, I am very happy about it and will think of these days at the Campo for a long time to come.

In short, the time at the Campo and in Azzano was inspiring, invigorating and beautiful.

Sybill from Berlin writes

Wow, thanks a lot, what a great week in Azzano with nice people in a lovely atmosphere.

Hope to see you all again next year!! 

And we‘ve had some nice and sunny days in Toskana land and end up in the amazing Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle. (August 2021)

Eva from Germany writes

Adam created Eve from a rib, Eve created Adam from a piece of marble.

I was allowed to spend two wonderful weeks on the Campo and let my Adam emerge in the process. Thanks especially to Tobia for the moral and energetic support and to Raphael for the motivating "thumbs up"! in between.

Even though Adam and Eve are now complete, I'll be happy to come back for another project. (August 2021)

Orla from Ireland writes

It was a fantastic fortnight of intense learning, laughing and lots of sweating with a truly fantastic bunch of people.

It was a very productive time from the art/ university point of view and Sven's teaching was brilliant too.

Thanks for having me. Hope to see you all again - I mean that! (August 2021)

Gabriele from Colon writes

I would like to ... thank you very much once again for the good support. (2021)

Britta from Kaarst writes was a great time with you! Thank you very much again.
All the best and a good time for you in Azzano. Hope to see you next year, Britta (2021)


Charlotte from Bern (Switzerland) about our painting course with Thomas Czimczik

Azzano won't let me go so quickly. Many thanks to you and your team for the great time.

As a somewhat experienced painter, I was looking for a painting course/painting venue in spring with a professional course programme and where painting in large formats and with different techniques is possible - that's how I came across Campo. And my expectations were more than fulfilled!

I was able to benefit so much from Thomas and I have come a big step closer to my goal of painting loose and spontaneous pictures on large formats. (July 2019)

Franzi from Stuttgart writes...

I had a marvellous magical week at and around Campo! (July 2019)


Petra Froese writes in her blog about Campo

A wonderful article about Petra's stay and confrontation with the stone can be found on her blog Here is just a small excerpt:

... While I was submerged with my stone, I enjoyed the wonderful place on another level at the same time, terraced under trees with a view up to Monte Altissimo and down over the sea. My workspace in the semi-shade under sweet chestnut trees, the pleasant wind on my skin and the picking and banging of others around me.

I met wonderful people with whom I had intense conversations in a very natural, uncomplicated way, lots of laughter and joy and sharing.

Every day we were served a delicious Italian lunch menu by the pretty young cook Monika, which we all ate together at a large table on the cosy terrace, with appetite and hunger from the physical work. ... (September 2018)

Helga Franz' Course INTENSIVE DRAWING (2017) writes ...

Ingri from Norway:

I will tell you – you gave me the inspiration I needed! I liked the way you talked about drawing – to SEE! And I really got a kick on trying to hold the pensil in a less controlled way, sort of letting the eyes leed the hand in a free way.

Inken from Germany:

The course was very good for me in many ways. I can feel the power when I staple woods for the winter. A great time - and intensive. When I now look at the pictures, the drawings, I marel the results.

Shanni from Wales:

The course with Helga truly opened another door into a new journey of creativity, for me. I learnt to really ‚see‘ things again, exploring contours, depth and form. I think about that magical week like a dream.It was such a treat to draw and draw and draw. And thank you again for the way you tutored us. I loved it.

Barbara from Munich:

... and do you already know if you'll hold a course next year in Azzano again? We really liked it a lot there and for us from Munich Italy is just as close as Berlin ...

Jessica from London:

Thanks again for a fantastic week, I learnt a lot and I‘ve enjoyed drawing in a looser, more observant way since.

All photos copyright Helga Franz

Tine from Viernheim writes...

Hello Sabine, dear Katrin and dear Peter,

You are just great! I was only with you for a week, but I am still very impressed by my time in Azzano. You are such great hosts and do it so lovingly! I would like to thank you very much for that! I can't imagine not coming back. I have to work like crazy now to earn the money for the next holiday with you.

Please also give my warmest regards to Ulf (Meyer). He has been a teacher for many years who has really impressed me. Who teaches students with passion and really wants to give everyone something. He took us out of our comfort zone and rewarded us handsomely for it. Thank you Ulf, really! It's been a long time since I had so much fun working with him.

I wish you a wonderful summer, I am often with you in my heart and very grateful to you all for making Campo possible for us! I will tell everyone and hope that you will get many lovely new guests.

Greetings from the grey continuous rain, Tine (August 2017)

Christine from Berlin writes about the hinking course...

Dear Campo team,

I enjoyed the time in Azzano very much, especially because the hiking group was so funny and harmonious.

When the "office whine" overcomes me, I think back to you very fondly.

Best regards from Berlin (August 2017)

Herbert from Switzerland writes ...

Dear Sabine,

Thank you very much for your friendly lines and the much expected address list of all those nice participants of our marvellous course week at beautiful Campo Altissimo in Azzano with Barbara Schnetzler. She was so competent and likable! I very much enjoyed this happy week with you! After a long train journey with my extremely heavy stone (23 kg) in trolley case I reached home all right.

By now my marble germ has a stable foundation and found its place at the best spot in our living room. We admire it every day anew in a different light. And my wife actually likes it a lot, although there are some spots which could still be elaborated - something she saw immediately. We will see... (June 2017)

Gaby from Munich writes...

Dear Campo team,  

Of course, I want to send you a little hymn of praise...

Shortly: It was just great with you! The longer version: Somehow, you return altered compared to when you arrived and that is definitely the merrit of each of you. First of all the founders and their idea. But that is never enough! It is always combined with a lot of work and stamina, to remain faithful to the idea and you succeeded in this. One feels welcome, first everything feels unaccostumed for a "new" one, but soon everything feels familiar and genuine. There is room for the most different characters who meet for the first time and could start to quarrel?! Always exciting to see if people get along. But everybody finds space to develop, for me this has to be credited to Ulf, who managed to establish a balance between group and content with his ability to bring matters to the point with calmness and empathy. An experiment, the entire Campo team managed brilliantly, respect!

I wish everybody involved stamina for the future and I hope that dreams and concepts come true and at the same time ensure a sound means of existance.

Kind regards from Munich,

Gaby (August 2016)

Mirjam from Colon writes ...

The time in Azzano at Campo seems to be timeless, just wonderfull. The surrounding, the team, and the own creative process including the reflection on it, just great! Ulf with his boundless appraisal and most competent way as a painter, artist and teacher knows how to carry all painters to their limit, which turns the time in the studio to an outstanding experience. This limit naturally appears when you want to try something new and don't know how to continue, but it also appears where there's the danger of repeating what you already know... To paint in the studio always means to break new ground - and what could be more exciting for your own artistic creation? Thank you...!(August 2016)

Bettina und Heimo write about the hinking course:

Hiking and canyoning with Jan!

We had an eventful, funny, also exhausting, informative, interpersonal and highly interesting week in Azzano and the Alpi Apuane.

Our Dutch guide had prepared a very varied hiking and "culinary" programme for us.

He succeeded in forming a group of different nationalities (NL, CH, D, A) into a funny and efficient team with the admission test (crossing the Serra from the bottom to the top) - "der Schmäh is grennt"!

The week went by too fast, back in the studio the marble from the Serra reminds us again and again of a time with interesting people.

Thanks to Jan, Heike, Maren, Ernst and the Campoteam.

Kind regards from Carinthia
Bettina and Heimo (July 2016)

Peter from UK writes

I really enjoyed my course in Azzano it was great fun, wonderful tuition and people. I am keen to continue with my sculpture and hopefully I will be able to come to Azzano again. (July 2016)

Inge from Hamburg writes

Dear ones,

Almost three weeks have passed since I did my stone sculpting course at Campo. The memories are still so vivid and the feeling of having created something from a river stone still makes me happy and fills me with satisfaction.

This was my fourth trip to Azzano and it was again a wonderful , intense and beautiful time! This course was special because there were only two of us. This made life on the campo particularly familiar, we cooked together, did activities together, laughed a lot and had a good time together. Of course, the guidance and support from our sculptor Barbara Schnetzler from Basel was particularly intensive. I very much appreciated her careful, experienced and competent manner. Everything has a lasting effect - also the confrontation with the stone and how this process ultimately led to this result, always has a lot to do with one's own person, raises questions and opens up new paths, brings one further... I would like to thank Barbara for her expert and attentive support in this process.

I would also like to thank Marieke, who, as Campo Manager, had everything under control, was always in a good mood and, when problems arose, always looked for solutions with a steady hand and then found them. She was even able to conjure up the largely good weather I had in the 2nd week of the course! So many thanks also to Marieke for the loving all-round care!

Now I am already looking forward to the next courses in Azzano or maybe in Berlin?

With kind regards from Hamburg
Inge (June 2016)

Yvonne from Schwitzerland writes

Peter, I thank you for your confidence to let me wirk with machine. It was a great experience. Also thank you for your always encouraging, helpful, professional and to the point remarks and advises, but also for your high spirit and friendlyness as wel as the good groove.

Yes, sculpting does good, it sets limits (stone breaks or the form - 3rd day;-) - isn't correct or other), it releases: time and all everyday trouble are forgotten - just genial.

I want to thank all of you for these two wonderful weeks, the exciting excursions! Also for all the contact and the many interesting conversations with all the participants. I miss it very much!!

Many warm regards and I hope to see you next year! (June 2016)

Jutta from Germany writes ...

Hello to all of you,

Many greetings from Lower Franconia!!!

I had a great time at your place!

Will definitely come back.

Warm regards,


(June 2016)

Hans from Uithoorn (The Netherlands)

I found out about the Campo on the internet. The website, which was also in flawless Dutch, told me what to expect of the courses, of the stay in Azzano and I learned more about the people behind the Campo. It seemed to be the right place for me, for I was longing for a new challenge, complementary to the skills I professionally have in drawing and painting.

And a perfect place it was, from the very first moment! As always I enjoyed the Italian landscape and culture, but this time I particularly savoured the great hospitality and the fine atmosphere generated by both the Campo team and my fellow participants. I felt very comfortable and it appeared to be very nice to work (hard) under the guidance of Peter and Claudia. They knew how to stimulate, to direct and to make you reflect on the process of shaping your own sculpture. 

The lot and the building site of the Campo itself, the beautiful weather and not to forget the great lunches we had every day made it even better!

So the whole concept works very well, at least for me, and I hope to return to the Campo in Azzano someday.

Andreas from Jena, Germany, writes

Dear Katrin, dear Peter,

Thank you for your wonderful support in Azzano. Keep it up!

Andreas (April 26, 2015)

Elke from Bremen, Germany, writes

Although back home for some time already, I still live on the wonderful time in Azzano. Here, everything was right: From the first friendly email contact with Marianne in Berlin and the warm-hearted welcome from Peter, Jan and Neels at the Campo all the way to the festive presentation of the final works the last evening, I always felt completely comfortable. Inbetween: lots of intensive but relaxed work at the stone as well as intensive cheerful encounters with all sorts of  people, helpful and emphatic assistance from Peter and Neels when I didn't know how to continue, sharing Enrico's great dishes, relaxing in the hammock ... I will definitely come back (Sept. 11, 2014)

Inma from Spain writes

Thank you for that fantastic week sharing intensive classes, nice company, good food and a wonderful landscape! (Sept. 6, 2014)

Elke from Darmstadt, Germany, writes

For me it was a very intensive time in Azzano, I often think about the open minded people from different parts of the world and the creative and funny moments at Campo ... and the good italien food, best wishes to all lovely people at Campo. (July 22, 2014)

Alexandra from Munich, Germany, writes

That was a wonderful time with you, thank you so much! Especially for that great course with Annette. (15 July, 2014)

David from Switzerland writes

Thank you for your message - this is (apart from many other things) why I so much appreciate Peter Rosenzweigs summer academy: One always gets all information very fast and feels appreciated and welcome. (June 11, 2014)

Friedhelm from Hesse writes

Hello Katrin, Peter, Neels, Enrico and the dog whose name I don't know, I had a great time with you and I (we) felt very much at home. Here you find the fotos plus some from Lake Garda. I hope you enjoy them. Many heartfelt greetings from Hesse. Click here to view Azzano (April 30, 2014)

Grit from Denmark writes

Thank you very much indeed for the wonderful weeks: good instructions, good food, good company ... I correct: everything was VERY good. And the surrounding! Azzano is one of the most wonderful places I know. (April 27, 2014)

Gabrielle from Basel writes

Thank you for the wonderful time and valuable experience!
I will come back next year... (April 25, 2014)