Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

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Our courses in Azzano include:

  • Competent instructions, individually and in groups, approx. 7 hours daily

  • weeklong courses offer more than 35 hours, two-week courses more than 70 hours of supervised work

  • Well-equipped sheltered outdoor working spaces both for sculptors and painters at the Campo in Azzano and in La Capella

  • Supply of best quality marble stones. Extensive on-site stock of many varieties and formats

  • All sculpting tools manufactured in Italy

  • Abrasive and polishing material for the 'finishing touch'

  • For the nude model course: Spacious studio available, costs for the models are included

  • For the sculpting courses: weekly excursion either to the  quarries or the sculpting studios in Pietrasanta 

  • Most painting and drawing courses will visit selected locations for painting at the seaside

  • Maximum number of participants: 10

  • We arrange your accommodation in Azzano for the duration of the course

Not included in the course fees are:

  • Travel expenses

  • Accommodation expenses

  • Food and Meals locally

  • Transport of finished sculptures from Italy

  • Personal travel or accident insurance