Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

About us and the Campo dell’Altissimo Tuscany, Italy

Everyone who comes to the Campo for the first time will enter a very special place, charged with the creative energy left here by those who have come before.

Sculptor Peter Rosenzweig discovered this place 40 years ago. He taught his first courses in an open field, that's the origin of the name "Campo" (the Italian word for "field").

The Campo today embraces 6000 m2 of terraced and cultivated grounds, with a house in which an office, a kitchen and a store room are situated. In front of it stands a large covered table where all can meet to talk, relax, have a coffee or tea, take a snack or share a meal.

Spacious planes invite sculptors and painters to attend to their work. Everybody can choose whether to spend their time in the shade of chestnut or fruit trees or in the sun.

An additional wonderful space to work is the Roman church and ruins of La Cappella, on the other side of the village, approx. a 15 minute walk from the Campo. Part of our courses take place there in the shadow of ancient walls and mature chestnut trees.

You will be taught by competent and empathetic artists who will help you to undertake a comprehensive and profound artistic process. Our experience and methodical approach provide for very good results within a short time.

Our team also makes sure that you will have a great time with us beyond your artistic work.

We arrange for your accommodation and for the good Tuscan cuisine; during our excursions we will also show you the unique Tuscan surroundings.

Whoever has been at the Campo dell’ Altissimo knows that we are more than a school or a course provider. The unique mixture of a high artistic level and a relaxed atmosphere, the encounter with like-minded people and professional artists, the immersion into the Tuscan nature and culture – all this makes the Campo to an especially distinctive and very inspiring place.