Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Caroline Teesing

My passion for sculpting and the knowledge I gained over the years is something I like to share. I started sculpting in 1988 and after more then 25 year of sculpting I am still amazed how much there is to be learned, discovered and explored.

My sculpural work is about the nature of life, about its vulnerability and its strength

The balancing on the edge of transiency and renewal. It fascinates me time and again how life, being in motion, tries to maintain its originality. An ongoing process, evolving in time.

This is what inspires me.

In the process of creating I tend to tack between the robustness of my material and a poetic imagination of the themes. It is a search for balance between  primal force and fragility. 

I opted to stone because this ancient material, powerful and fragile, lends itself well for the expression I am looking for.