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Sven Rünger

Sven Rünger is a sculptor who, without depicting reality, reinterprets many aspects of reality in his sculptures. His formal language is reduced, simple and concentrated. He is primarily concerned with forms that belong to the general understanding of the body, such as curves, bulges, dells, elevation, elongation or deepening. He carves his works from noble stone such as marble or travertine or has them cast in bronze, gives them seductively beautiful surfaces and moves them into an immaterial state. Their structure and their relationship to space, their surface reflections and their colourfulness are decisive for their radiance and perception as strong beings. As an artist, he breathes life into these stone creatures, in which ideas of the ancient past seem to combine with visions of conceivable developments.

Prof. Dr. Frank Günter Zehnder / Director International Academy of Art Heimbach

1967 born in Düsseldorf
1987 Abitur
1991-1994 training as a stone sculptor with W. Kuhn/Neuss
1994-1995 Art Academy /Düsseldorf with Prof. Schiff
1995 First working stay in Pietrasanta/Italy
1997-1998 Second working stay in Pietrasanta and Florence
1997 Beginning of teaching at the Summer Academy Campo dell'Altissimo/Italy
Since 2010 Lecturer for sculpture at the international art academy in Heimbach/Eifel
Since 2012 Lecturer for sculpture at the Werkhaus of the ALANUS school in Alfter/Bonn
Since 2001 Studio in Meerbusch
Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Pietrasanta/Italy  


Numerous national and international exhibitions in Aachen, Bremen, Brügge/Belgium, Düsseldorf, Güthersloh, Hamburg, Hameln, Herford, Kassel, Kevelaer, Krefeld, Massa/Italy, Neuss, Nijmegen/Netherlands, Zurich/Switzerland, Amagansett NY/ USA, among others.
The works are in public space and in private collections in:
Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong, USA