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Granite & Marble Course

Sculpting in Granite for Advanced Students
Basic Course for Beginners or Advanced Students in Marble 

with Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti | Overview/Booking

The aim of this course is to introduce you to various methods of manual working with granite* as well as the use of electrical machines. Participants will be guided and supported in the artistic realisation of their individual design. You will experience a number of different methods, techniques and tools used to produce a finished -, either rough or polished - surface of a sculpture.

Due to the hard nature of the stone preference will be given to working with pneumatic and electrical machines. To reduce the impact of noise, dust and vibration we attach great importance to safety at work and the ergonomic approach to machinery and material.

* You may also choose to work with marble or other stones.

According to the level of experience and craftsmanship as well as the intended design you may select adequately sized blocks either from a granite factory or from the existing resources of the Campo.

We will cater to the individual needs of every participant through every stage of the project: from the rough cutting of the granite block to the finishing details of the sculpture‘s design or surface.

The creation of the sculpture can be approached from different directions: you can follow your own sketch or prepared model or let the material guide you. If you wish to create a water sculpture, we will help you to test and to determine the water flow to achieve a unique feature.

A wide variety of special machinery, light electrical machines and pneumatic tools will be at your disposal.

As a specialised course the maximum number of participants is 10. There is a maximum of 3 to 4 places for those who want to work exclusively by hand.