Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

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Workshop Painting: Between Tradition And Innovation

with Ulf Meyer | Overview/Booking

Painting in Oil and Acrylic Paint

The starting point of the visual process is the material: paints, primer, paint bases, canvas, etc. But: Is the creative approach dictated by the material or does the artistic idea find the appropriate material?

What is important for the development of one’s own artistic expression? Is it the traditional way of the old painters or do your artistic ideas develop in the process of painting in an experimental way? Starting from these questions you will learn and develop skill in the different techniques: the alla-prima method with layers of wet paint; applying paint with a spatula or brush directly on the unprimed material; or the development of the image through multiple coats of glazed paint.

We will examine the qualities and features of different materials like paper, cardboard and textiles, stretched on self-made frames. And we will find out about the advantages of „classical“ primers and the wider possibilities of coloured base coats.

In group discussions and individual studies we will reflect and review your personal approach. The tutor will present traditional and contemporary positions to stimulate and broaden the discussion.

The “Workshop Painting” is open to beginners as well as advanced students who wish to expand their skills. Prior knowledge is not necessary. The studio can be used outside of the course hours as well.

Please bring along: basic equipment of preferred painting utensils; further material such as papers of different quality, cotton cloth, primer, paints (Oil, tempera, acrylic, etc.) will be supplied.