Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Journey into the Poetry of colours

with Inge H. Schmidt | Overview / Booking

Every day has its colour.

We are living in a mysterious universe. Colour – as we see it – is the result of a large evolutionary process. You are part of this large secret. Colours do not only create more powerful contrasts, we can also live out senses and emotions through them and express ourselves. It makes our life richer and more beautiful. The longing for colours is deeply anchored in human consciousness.

Not only the whole "universe of the mountain Altissimo" is inexhaustible in colours and shadings, but also every detail of it. As each colour offers infinite discoveries, we will concentrate each day on just one colour, a kind of main colour which is of course always seen in relation to other colours.

On Mondays for example we will focus on white, Tuesday blue, Wednesday Terra di Siena…

At the beginning of each day I will tell you everything about the respective colour, its origin, symbolism and history. Then we will head out to paint, for white to the marble stones in the river or the quarry. Maybe large stone paintings will be created. For the colour blue we will walk up the mountain. What a challenge, to paint pictures of the sky! Where will we find red?

Each morning I give an introduction, in the evening there will be an analysis. I am glad about every question and try to be near you while you are working, if you wish so. At the end of the course we will exhibit your work, and may also present a poetic verse or two which came into mind while contemplating the colours.

Each participant should paint the way s/he can express him- or herself best: abstract, figurative or representative.

I will try to open ways to leave old paths and try something new. Some will discover him- or herself all anew. 

The course is for beginners and advanced students.


Acrylic paint, crayons, chalk, brushes, paper, painting boards are available. Please bring along any special material you want to work with.