Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

Form - Colour - Light

with Thomas Czimczik | Overview/Booking

An exploratory painting journey

Tuscany with its variety of forms and its changing colour moods is the starting point of our scenic journey for curious and advanced students. Excursions with the sketch block through the impressive surroundings, along with artistic experimentation in our studio in the former theatre hall of the village, allow new experiences of the most diverse expressive possibilities.

We will discover colour perceptions which vary with the time of day which the Impressionists worked with, and a diversity of forms which shaped Cubist image concepts. The variety of architectural shapes or the ruggedly hewn quarries have already inspired Cubist artists such as George Braque and Pablo Picasso to create new images.

Humans have the  need to express themselves visually; they wants to understand and process what they have experienced and seen and rediscover himself in the process. The aim of the course is to meet this need for artistic creation through painting and to discover, promote and refine individual and new expressive possibilities.

On our painting expedition we will follow the motto: „I want to make myself a picture – of what there is.“ (Prof. Gerhard Richter)

Working methods:

Visual expeditions / study of nature

With the sketchpad we undertake forays through our surroundings. The environment around Azzano offers - depending on your own needs - the opportunity for guided classical nature studies (drawing by observation) or independent, freer implementations. Abstract, representational or realistic.

Studio/ large-format painting

The former theatre hall of the village is available to us as a studio regardless of the weather. With a large window front it offers an impressive panoramic view of Monte Altissimo. Here we can work more deeply on picture motives on larger formats and experiment with different artistic techniques.


By experimenting with different materials, techniques and motifs, we open up new paths, leave the old behind us and try something new. Max Ernst and other surrealists  used aleatoric methods (random techniques), for example to discover new expressive possibilities of colour and form.

Painting Technique and Theory of Colours

The course offers instruction and professional guidance in the use of  acrylic, watercolour, and Tempera painting as well as classical drawing and open mixed media. We mainly work on Ingrès paper (a unique type of textured paper), with possibilities for montages or collages with found items.

General information about the course and how we work:

In joint exchanges or individual consultations we reflect on our painting results. In addition, modules on colour theory and exercises on painting techniques are offered. If desired, art history excursions can be carried out, but the emphasis is on your own artistic creativity and the painting process.

All working materials and paper are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own preferred materials.

The course is suitable for curious beginners and for advanced students.