Summer School of sculpting, drawing and painting

Art & Recreation

A warm welcome to our Summer School of Sculpting, Painting and Drawing!

Over and over again, the fascinating world of sculpting and painting stimulates many to have their own artistic experience, to study further or just to relax at our Campo dell’ Altissimo.

Our sculpting, painting & drawing courses in the mountain village Azzano run continuously from Easter to autumn, the most beautiful and enjoyable season in Italy. Our extensive programme offers a range of courses for beginners and advanced students which will open up new perspectives and advance your artistic skills. Our experienced tutors – all professional artists themselves – will cater to your individual needs. 

Sculpting marble with hammer & chisel
Shaping marble
The entrance to the Campo at Monte Altissimo
The Campo amid abundant nature
A painting course in La Cappella
Painting in La Cappella
Sculptors and painters enjoy encounter and recreation
Encounter of sculptors & painters
Exhibition of a sculptors cours at the Campo
Sculptors exhibition at the Campo
Recreation and refreshing bath in the marble river Serra
At the river

The Campo is surrounded by magnificent nature, imposing mountains and rivers. The coast of the Versilia with long sandy beaches is close by.

The world famous marble quarries of Carrara always held a great fascination to artists from around the world who opened their studios and workshops in our region. The artistic ambience and the magnificent landscape are of immeasurable value.

And this is why here at the Campo - at the entrance to Tuscany, world famous for its art treasures and Italian hospitality - many people from Europe and all over the world started their experience with sculpting and painting.

A trip to the art town of Pietrasanta
Excursion to the artesan city of Pietrasanta
View from the age-old marble quarry of Michelangelo Buonarroti
View from to the quarry of Michelangelo
A trip to the long sandy beaches of the Versilia
Close by: the sandy beaches of the Versilia
Head of the Campo since 1980: Peter Rosenzweig
Peter Rosenzweig, head of the Campo

Since the founding of the Campo dell' Altissimo more than 30 years ago, the reputation of our summer school has grown and it has become widely known. It has also become the place for people of many different personalities, experiences and histories not only to work artistically together, but also to eat, celebrate and enjoy Italian lifestyle.